keyan: its the end of the movie and mary is still denying my sexual intercourse offer
tyler: when vian said jon isnt that bad looking i fucking freaked out
yacob: i scam kids because i want to not because i'm broke LMAO
jayden: that's what happens when u spend ur money on bombs
eric: i'm fucking broke, i spend all of it when i get it
clouds: it stands for computer processing university
ryan: bro how is poverty a thing just make money
daniel: when i say now you will do as i say
anon girl: javier eraped me(not a joke btw)
dreya: nice virginity cock munching faggot
lucky: who is tryna lend me 5000 dollars
forza: just bc i'm a depressed nerd damn
chris: why did you take my name?(kayla)
zara: isn't he in 7th grade or smthing
gunner: i need my 15 year old egirls
dev: my mom took the router to work
jake(au): i created the internet
javier: i literally erape girls
vinnie: seriously fuck muslims
jake(us): i am edating vian
nerves: nice net worth ($0)
rhian: i am poor and obese
madi: he abused me *crys*
zbe: hes on AT and T
jon: i love kyleigh
flex: black people
joe: init brUV